Bowen Technique with Anna Walker

When we feel truly healthy, our minds are calm, our energy is good, our mood is stable, we sleep more restfully, we are not hampered by those annoying aches and pains and we are able to recover relatively quickly after injury or illness.  So how do we maintain our health, or help ourselves to return to this healthy state after a time of illness or injury?

…..Think Bowen Technique.

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique may be one of the most gentle and effective forms of
complementary therapy available today.  No matter what age, if you are in need of some  re-alignment, balance and relaxation, or are looking for a way to
achieve lasting relief from pain and discomfort, you should consider the Bowen Technique.

Tom Bowen developed his technique in the 1950’s believing that each one of us has
an inbuilt ability to heal ourselves, but at times our bodies are in need a bit of extra
assistance. Tom spent his life helping many people to recover from all sorts of health
problems, both chronic and acute, so that they were able to regain control over their
health and their lives once more.

Consider Bowen for:

Asthma and Respiratory disorders including Hayfever
Back Pain/ Sciatica
Bunions/ Hammer Toes
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME/ Depression
Carpal Tunnel / RSI
Chronic and Acute Pain
Digestive/ Bowel Problems/ IBS
Eczema/ Skin Problems
Emotional Release
Frozen Shoulder
Menstrual and Hormonal Irregularities including PMT
Migraines/ Headaches/ Sinusitis
Pregnancy Health
Stroke Rehabilitation
Stress Relief
Sports Injuries
Tinnitus/ TMJ problems
Uneven Leg Length/ Pelvic Tilt

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