About Anna

I have been enjoying practicing the Bowen Technique since graduating from the Bowtech School of Bowen in 2007. I am a full member of the Bowen Association of the UK and am registered with the CNHC.

Over the years I have completed further study specialising in Bowen for mothers and
babies, Bowen to improve quality of life after Stroke and Chronic Fatigue/ME, Bowen to facilitate emotional release and healing after trauma, and Bowen Specialised Procedures Part 1 & 2 for those more complex cases.

In 2014 I completed my training as a Homeopath at the South Downs School of Homeopathy in Chichester, UK.  As a Homeopath I will recommend different remedies which may be used alongside your Bowen Treatments to speed your recovery from acute injury and ease the after effects of trauma.

I have a background as a trained nurse and have worked in many different health care settings
both in Australia and the UK. I find that the knowledge and experience I gained in my nursing practice is invaluable and complementary to my work as a Bowen Practitioner and Homeopath.

The Bowen Technique and Homeopathy have enhanced my life in ways I never dreamed of.

Why not see how they can benefit yours.

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