“Anna Walker was recommended to me by a friend as I had a knee issue. After the treatment I felt elated and also the most relaxed I’ve felt since I was a child.

My knee issue, which had been ongoing for months and was so severe that I had to be on crutches and was not able to put any weight on it, was much improved after the first session, and by the third session was completely healed.

I also noticed an overall improvement in my health in general.”

 Caia Matheson, Contemporary Oil Painter, Brighton

“Having suffered from a bad back for a very long time and having tried almost everything out there, Bowen was suggested by a client of mine (I’m a Barber). This is no understatement, without Anna and Bowen therapy I don’t know where I would be. It is more than 2 years that myself and my family have been seeing Anna for a little tweek now and then, and I have only very good things to say. I highly recommend Anna and Bowen therapy to anyone that has issues with their body.”

Mark Boden, Barber, Southwick

“This morning is the first morning in 3 months that I haven’t had pain in my back!
And that was after just one treatment!
Thank you Anna”

Kerry Deacon, Devon

“ I used to suffer from lower back pain. I can’t even remember when the troubles started it’s that long ago, maybe forty years. I was so used to my mobility becoming increasingly restricted that I really had no hope of the pain and discomfort ever improving, let alone vanishing. Then I met Anna Walkenhorst. It’s hard to describe the effect of the Bowen Technique. Not only did my pain disappear after four treatments, my back has remained strong ever since. I sleep better. I feel more positive about life. I can do things I’d given up hope of ever doing again. I go to exercise classes. I garden. I can run! The Bowen Technique is like that: you get more than you dare hope for!”

Jan Stanton, Writer, Brighton

“I came to see Anna two years ago when I was at my wits end with persistent headaches and migraines.  They were often daily, and had become so debilitating that my GP referred me for an MRI scan.  When this came back clear, the only option left was strong daily medication, which I was told had limited chance of working. I was googling headaches when I came across Bowen. I would have tried anything by this point. I had 3 sessions with Anna, but the effect was pretty immediate. The headaches just stopped. At first I found the sessions hard to get used to – they were so gentle, it barely felt like anything was happening, but I quickly came to love them. I would often feel tired at the end of a session, but also relaxed and calm. Since then I have continued to have Bowen every few months.  The headaches have never come back. I cannot recommend Bowen, and Anna, enough.”

Anna Ferguson, Brighton

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