The Bowen Session

What happens during a Bowen session?

A Bowen Session usually lasts for an hour.
After an initial health and postural assessment I will ask you to either lie down on a therapy couch or sit comfortably in a chair. It is best to wear comfortable, loose, light clothing for the session.

During the session, I make gentle rolling like moves with my thumbs and fingers
over muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia at very specific points on your body.
By working over your whole body I can see and feel any areas of tension that may
be causing problems for you and pay special attention to these areas.

Between sets of moves a pause is taken to allow time for your body to respond to the Bowen work.

By the end of a session people often feel a sense of deep relaxation and that both body and mind have let go of tension and started to adjust to a more healthy way of being.

How does Bowen Work?

Postural Effects

The Bowen Technique is particularly interested in stimulating the body’s fascia which
is made up of sheets of connective tissue surrounding all muscles, organs and bones, allowing
flexibility and movement between these parts. It is felt that a build up of tension, scar tissue or dehydration can inhibit the free movement between various parts of the body and this may cause pain and discomfort.

Fascia is also responsible for supporting our spine and has a direct effect on our
posture. By stimulating the fascia to release, the muscles and fascia can work
together more effectively, encouraging our spine to adopt a more healthy position,
improving our posture and eliminating pain. It is interesting to observe that at the end
of a Bowen session, most of my clients will comment on how much taller they feel.

How Many Bowen Sessions Will I Need?

Many people feel a real sense of well being and an improvement in their condition
after just one session. I usually recommend that you have at least 2 Bowen sessions
spaced about 1 week apart. We would then have a talk about how things are
progressing and decide if any further treatment is needed.

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